Lisa Sheppard

Lisa is one of Mark’s closest and oldest friends. they grew up together in Houston.  Lisa studied acting through college.  Lisa moved to LA to pursue acting and became a successful marketing executive.  Recently Lisa has turned back to her first love music and has begun writing songs and performing them at clubs in LA.

Dejon Mayes

Dejon was a childhood friend who attended many of Mark’s first“backyard performance’s” He is currently an actor living in Los Angeles. 

Kimberly Delape

Kimberly was working at Neiman Marcus many years ago in Houston when she met Mark.  They have remained close friends and continue to support one another in their causes.  Kimberly is happily married and is a well-known Texas philanthropist. Her causes are many and she is a sought after chairperson for society events. 

Sharon Montgomery 

Sharon was singing in a popular jazz trio named Montgomery, Plant and Stritch and Mark was impersonating Liza Minnelli for a living when they first met.  The trio has since broken up and strangely enough Billy Stritch continued on to work for Liza Minnelli as her arranger and acampianist.  It was at a reunion performance of Billy and Sharon that Mark first met Liza Minnelli.  Sharon continues to sing and produce CD’s while based in Houston, Texas. 


Heather Mills

Heather first met Mark in a professional capacity through a hairdresser in Los Angeles.  They became fast friends and Heather has spent much time with Mark and his family.  Heather is the one that introduced Mark to the Vegan lifestyle.  Since Dancing With The Stars Heather has continued her philanthropic work recently donating a million dollars worth of Vegan food to needy children in the Bronx.

Jayne Payne (Mark’s mom)

Jayne’s early career was in the beauty business.  She continued on to get various degrees and currently works as a therapist.  She has developed many successful programs.  Her Intensive program has brought her much recognition including a recent appearance on Larry King.  She is currently working on her book, which will launch soon. 

Robbin Colgrove

Robbin first met Mark as a client when he was designing clothes and performing for a living.  She purchased many pieces of clothing from him and has saved them to this day.  Robbin is a graphic artist in Houston, Texas.  

Larry Edwards

Larry and Mark met just as Mark began impersonating.  Larry kick started Mark’s performing career by introducing Mark to Las Vegas producers who hired him for some of his first professional gigs outside of Houston.  Larry is a successful entertainer who recently received the key to Las Vegas.  He can be seen in many movies and continues to be a staple entertainer in Las Vegas.

Markie Costello

Markie met Mark on the set of a show they were both doing in Los Angeles.  Markie grew up in show business (her grandfather was comedy legend Lou Costello of Abbott & Costello).   Markie is a sought after casting agent in Los Angeles and has also crossed over and hosted her own television show called Open Call.  She has appeared on numerous television shows and most recently was featured on I Know My Child’s a Star on VH-1. 


Kendall Barr 

Kendall met Mark early on in Mark’s life when he had just started his career as an impersonator.  Kendall came from an affluent family in Texas that owned a publishing company.  When his parents died they left him a large sum of money, which Kendall lived off of.  This enabled him to travel on tour with Mark and become a permanent fixture in Mark’s family household.  Kendall never worked until he was 50 at which time he had spent his fortune and was forced to go to work.  Through a stroke of luck he landed a job with the Attorney General for the state of Texas as a child support officer.  He has since retired and lives in the family home in Nederland, Texas.  Kendall says that he has gotten through life by relying on the kindness of strangers. 

Elyssa Shapirro 

Elyssa and Mark met when he first transformed Regis Philbin into Kathie Lee and Kathie Lee into Regis.  Elyssa was instrumental in starting Mark’s early career in television.  They have remained colleuges and friends ever since.  Elyssa is a senior producer at Live with Regis and Kelly.

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